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My custom made training programs are what set apart my coaching style. Just like a tailor made suit, in order to create your exclusive and bespoke program all measurements, testing and assessments will need to be completed before we can get started.

The initial consultation period will determine how your program will be shaped over the training process and establish your starting point so you can achieve maximum results. No program is the same; each one is specifically tailored and crafted to suit your needs and goals.


With correct alignment and good posture, your lifts will become stronger, your muscles will work more efficiently and you’ll stay injury free. During the initial fitness-testing phase I will carry out a number of postural assessments by taking images, carrying out flexibility tests and establishing if there are currently any imbalances.

By making posture & mobility part of our focus we will strengthen your ligaments and create durability within your joints and muscle tissue. We will look to increase your range of motion, optimise your performance, and promote faster recovery, healing and longevity of your body.


My Training programs are intense therefore your body will be screaming for calories, and rightfully so. This is about high-quality training along with high-quality nutrients to both fuel your workout and help you to recover for your next session. You will be provided with a complete nutritional strategy tailored to you, including supplementation and macro calculations, helping you to master your eating habits.

Your lifestyle is represented by your physique, change your lifestyle, change your physique. Successful people thrive on achieving their goals and by accomplishing yours I guarantee you will gain more self-confidence, motivation, increase your energy levels, improve your sleep patterns, have a better sex life and build a leaner more muscular body.

guided programming

designed for you

We select routines and build a weekly schedule to create a comprehensive program.

“I’d been seeing a chiropractor monthly for over 10 years when I first started seeing Derek, persistent lower back problems had been there to a greater or lesser extent for the whole of that time. I decided it was time to do something pro-active about it rather than simply treating the symptoms. Derek has systematically and progressively worked with me to build strength in key areas as well as build holistic fitness.

adam (34)
strategy director

“Cannot recommend Derek enough to anyone whatever level of gym goer you are. He rejuvenated the sets I was doing and kept my work outs fresh and interesting (and hard!). Always keeps focus on the goals you have, and through his guidance I keep pushing those goals each 6 week cycle.”

raonull (29)

“ I’ve grown increasingly stronger and fitter since training with Derek. I can already see results in the mirror and I look forward to each session. As a result of his training I am now more comfortable in the gym than I have ever been before; for the first time I am confident that I know what I am doing”

dominic  (45)
director – computer & network security


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